Japanese architectural design

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Architectural design that connects space and business

Designing space is not only our goal but also paying attention to how the space will be used and finding any improvements after the project is completed to make sure the space has been used effectively. We analyze the data and inspect it to make use of it for the next projects.

We listen to our clients carefully to understand their purpose for using the building(s) or interior design and offer a space design that is necessary for people.

We offer visual representation that everyone can easily understand and we are improving our technique.

3D design that is visible from any direction

Perspective design

Spatial experience comes from people’s perspective. When entering a space, walking, or looking up, the perspective moves with the movement of the person. By designing a space from a perspective that includes movement, you can create an impressive space.

We finely design in 3D

Considering the details of how to create a virtual space as well as a fundamental space design gives our clients and us essential information that is easily missed on a floor plan.

Realistic space experience

Lighting design for light and shadow

Light is one of the most important design elements for a space. Sunlight and lighting up in the night are the most important for both architectural and interior design. We visualize the light effection in real spaces based on numerical data on light.