Japanese architectural design

Advanced architectural technology that keeps improving



Advanced architectural technology that keeps improving

Experiences, knowledge and skills are essential things to improve architectural technologies and create spaces, moreover, challenging is our first step. Our team always attempt every project with passion and every project makes us grow for the next projects.

Spacious wooden architecture

A spacious room is hard to make with wooden frame structures, however, our method creates a spacious space by using the jagged shape of the outer wooden line. We provide architectural designs that are created from structural design which balances design and functionality.

Floating architecture

Floating tents can be used as water glamping, villas, etc. We design the structure of tents which are calculated by the weight and buoyancy of the building. Compared to piling above the water to make the artificial ground, the architectural design, which allows the building to float such as a ship leads to significant cost reductions while creating the ultimate space to enjoy.

Container architecture

Container frame structure

Strong and durable to resist rough waves

They are made to be stacked in high columns weighing more than ten tons that can resist harsh environments.

Unchangeable functional beauty and unlimited layout

The container standard design is a worldwide, unchangeable design. Limitless layout such as connecting each container or apart from each other.

Comfortable container with thermal design

Are you concerned about the instability of temperature? Our patented technology incorporates thermal environment design and makes a comfortable space.

Offering a suitable interior for each business

Design proposals for branding

Containers within building regulations

Containers produced by JIS steel and grade factory comply with Japanese building standards.